Welcome to Fraud Consulting

Making the most from data, technology and investigative resources are all key in ensuring success in combating and mitigating fraud risks in any organisation. Fraud Consulting Ltd provide vendor independent services to ensure that your business is making the most of its assets, identifying and closing gaps to reduce losses that are attributable to fraudulent activity.

Our expertise lies in our technical abilities and understanding of fraud issues, how they interrelate with risk, customer acquisition, customer management and collections. As we are an independent organisation we can examine business issues and give an impartial view on possible gaps and make recommendations on solutions from vendors across the market place.

We offer the following services:

  • Operational reviews
  • Investigations
  • Project management
  • Project initiation, specification and implementation
  • Fraud training & awareness
  • Data analysis
  • Interim Management

The nature of fraud can vary depending upon sector and geography, our staff and associates have extensive experience worldwide and have worked with a wide range of organisations including retail banking and consumer finance, telecommunications (fixed line and mobile), insurance, and public sector organisations.

For more information about our services and for other resources please explore this web site or contact us

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